May 13, 2017

Corn Maze

100% of our Corn Maze proceeds go to charity. When you purchase your corn maze admissions ($5 for adults, $2.50 for children), you get to select which charity will receive the money from your corn maze admission!

During our 2022 season, $8,425 was donated to the following four charities. Thank you so much for participating in our Corn Maze for a Cause!

$2,500 was given to Care Net of Frederick, a medical clinic and pregnancy support center that has been serving the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of their clients for over 30 years.

$2,300 was given to Maryland Food Bank , a non-profit organization leading the movement to end hunger in Maryland. They supply food to hundreds of food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and faith-based organizations that serve food-insecure Marylanders. They supplement this work with outreach programs that provide direct food assistance, educate the public on the importance of good nutrition, and fight hunger through innovative means.

$1,825 was given to Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD) which works to improve the lives of people affected by ADHD by offering: 1) evidence-based information on ADHD, 2)  local face-to-face family support group for families and individuals affected by ADHD, and 3) advocacy for appropriate public policies and public recognition in response to needs faced by families and individuals with ADHD.

$1,800 was given to Eastern Europe Crisis Response thru the Lutheran Disaster Response. Lutheran Disaster Response is providing humanitarian aid in response to the crisis created by Russia’s war against Ukraine. They provide Ukrainians with immediate support and supplies such as food, blankets, water and hygiene kits.